Gentlemen, Do You Waste Your Energy?

Companion 4 Older Men | 06 Aug 2017 - 05:34
Gentlemen, Do You Waste Your Energy?

How are you voting with your energy?  What do you want in your life?  What are your highest values?  Is having the right people around you important to you?  How often do you do what it takes to cultivate having the right people around you?  Is connection a high value of yours?  How often do you choose to connect with others?

Think of spending your thoughts in the same way as you spend your money.  If you spend your thoughts or actions on something, you’re voting to have more of that in your life.  If you choose companions or “escorts” who you don’t feel absolutely right about from the start or, worse, whom you don’t feel anything about, you’ve given them your vote to stay in business and continue spreading their malices and ripping others off.  What mental environments are you creating with your thoughts?  Do you focus on peacefulness, contentment, fulfillment, or gratefulness?  Or do you spend thoughts on indifference, impulse instant gratification, bearing grudges, or boosting your ego?

You are living with your thoughts all the time.  Notice the internal dialogues that you most often have.  Do you always expect an average treatment?  Clinical blank attitude?  The next one being the same as the one yesterday?  Is there not much between them all?  Creativity can be a drawback if that is your indication.  You can live much of your life in a horror movie – complete with special effects!

Or you can choose to spend your energy on creating positive states of mind.  Whenever you consider a thought or action, ask yourself the question ‘does it lead to happiness?’  When we are happy, we are more inclined to be generous and loving toward others – and others will be the same towards us, so by tending to our thoughts and creating our happiness we are serving the greater good as well.  And if this is more easily said than done, get some good coaching.


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