How Can a Man Always Have Enough Money for His Pleasures?

Companion 4 Older Men | 02 Aug 2018 - 14:21
How Can a Man Always Have Enough Money for His Pleasures?

One of the most frequent objections that I hear is that men don’t have the money to see their mistresses or companions, courtesans, or paramours as frequently as they’d like – or can’t afford to see them at all.  But this is not an insurmountable problem and here is how to surmount it. 

The key to surmounting it is motivation, discipline, and fiscal management. If you know how much your favourite courtesan, companion, mistress, or paramour charges and want to see her more often, you can plan for it. Planning = saving.  You can save a fixed amount each week and will see it add up at the end of the month.  Then you’ll be more motivated to continue saving, because you’ll see results.

Or you can save a fixed amount each month.  The result will be the same, though the method will be less structured.  Putting aside a sum once a week may seem too structured, straining, or constricted, especially for men who decide to try practicing this saving strategy for the first time.  Putting aside a lump sum once a month may seem a little more liberal or permissive or lighter on the mind. Of course, good savers will be no strangers to either method and find either method easy, because that’s exactly how they afford everything and never say to anyone that they can’t afford what they want!

But this article is for bad savers. How often would you ideally like to see your courtesan, companion, mistress, or paramour? This is where basic math will come in.  If you’d ideally like to see her once a month, do your math and plan your saving accordingly.  It’s no rocket science, it’s just a little discipline, motivation, and fiscal management.

And the rewards are great. Regular pleasure is essential in life.  It keeps us sane, happy, motivated, keeps life interesting, adds sparkle to it, reminds us what we’re here for, what we work for. If you try this strategy, you’ll get your regular pleasure and won’t look like a cheapskate in the eyes of your companion, courtesan, mistress, or paramour whom you’re now telling that you can’t afford to see her.  After all, wouldn’t it sound cheap to you if someone told you that they couldn’t afford to see you? Wouldn’t you think: “OK, so you can’t afford to see me, but how come you can afford a new car every 3 years, smoking, drinking, and holidays?”?  Wouldn’t you think: “Oh, heeeeeere we go again!  Why do I seem to hear this excuse everywhere?” Or wouldn’t you think: “Well, if you afforded to see me once or several times, you can afford to see me again – it’s just a question of motivation, discipline, and fiscal management….” Or wouldn’t you think: “Well, if you can’t afford pleasures in life, you’re sad and not being able to afford things is just as much of a skill as is being able to afford things.”? How would it affect you?  Exactly the point!

The best part is that if you try this strategy and it proves successful in the aspect of you seeing your favourite courtesan, companion, mistress, or paramour, you’ll train yourself to learn to handle money better in other aspects of life too.  How rewarding will that be?  What will you be able to afford then?

Some people are very self-sufficient, others are more motivated by others’ help.  Are you one of them? Let's start a conversation. 

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