Why Many Men Have Problems Finding the Right Companion

Toronto-Courtesan | 29 May 2017 - 05:13
Why Many Men Have Problems Finding the Right Companion

Finding a companion can be as exhausting as and perhaps even more frustrating than dating, because the prevailing attitude is that because we’re paying, we expect to get the perfect person and experience every time.  Then if the person and experience does not turn out to be perfect, isn’t that upsetting?  So how can you, the searching man, shorten the long term costly trial and error process  and learn to prevent getting it wrong more times than getting it right?   

When you go shopping for any high cost purchase, such s a car, house, yacht, or private jet, you don’t pick up the first item you find without looking at the specs.  You’ll do thorough research and question the salesman accordingly.  Yet why do men not apply the same principle to hiring the companions who will cocreate their special and intimate moments?   Companions can cost just as much as the car, house, yacht, or private jet in the long term.  And if a man is buying a car, house, yacht, or private jet with particular specs in mind to ensure that the item is right for his needs, why should he not keep the same dynamics in mind when seeking a companion?  Isn’t the interpersonal dynamics just as important, especially if a man wishes to get intimate with his companion?

I often wonder how men can be courageous enough to make their choices based solely on the instinctual impulse rather than on a combination of the instinct and informedness in this age of scams, conartistry, and ripoff worldwide in every industry – and especially in the escort one! Personally if I were to go find any service, I’d definitely do thorough research on the service AND on its providers.  I have observed that these courageous folks don’t pay attention to what providers say about themselves in directory listings and on their websites. This lack of attention can be even more insidious, because if one doesn’t care about who he goes with, none of this will matter. But the one who does select a directory listing he likes and makes an instinctual decision that THIS will be the person for the job without checking all the facts beforehand is setting himself up for a great disappointment! 

And that’s exactly the process that feeds the vicious circle of many men’s frustration in their hunt for the right escort!  So how can we break this circle?

  1. NEVER automatically assume [based on previous experiences] that every escort website you come across has empty promises written all over it.  A few are very informative and written with the essence of this article in mind!
  2. Always be present in the moment when you find a directory listing you like and your instinct is telling you that this escort might be the one. Switch off all distractions around you, sharpen your senses, focus on the listing, and read what’s written in the text once you’ve finished admiring the pictures. Then evaluate the information you have in front of you and start asking for additional information.
  3. Keep a scrapbook by your computer and jot things down. No information is more reliable than visual information!

The benefit to you is that you’ll be able to choose exactly who/what you want and what you don’t and why.  Easy!  Happy searching!   Practise on my website – and let me know how you got on if you wish and dare!

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