Why Men Shouldn’t Take Reviews Seriously and This Companion Doesn’t Allow Them

Companion 4 Older Men | 03 Nov 2018 - 07:52
Why Men Shouldn’t Take Reviews Seriously and This Companion Doesn’t Allow Them

Reviews used to be good – when they started happening. And they still can be good – in some industries. But not in that of high end companionship. Why? 

Firstly because reviews in the world of high end companionship are rarely credible. Men who hire high class companions don’t want to review them, because if they were to make the reviews authentic, they’d have to sign them – with their names. Which high profiler would do that?  High profilers who hire high end courtesans do whatever they can to keep that reality quiet from the public, media, and paparazzi.  Publishing a review online would fly in the face of this principle – if they were to publish it in their names.

Secondly because in the world of high end companionship most men and women act under different names, which in itself makes the whole game inauthentic. If anyone can give themself any name and sign a review with it, then what’s the point in writing the review if absolutely anyone, man, woman, boy, girl, or even a bot could be behind it?  Moreover, how do you, the reader of the review, know that someone didn’t write the review because s/he was paid for it?  There’re companies who employ people to write reviews on products and services they know nothing about. There’re people who ask their friends and relatives to write reviews on their businesses, like their Facebook pages and posts, follow them on Twitter, etc.  Anything to make themselves and their brands look better online.

Thirdly because reviews commoditize.  While posting a review on a product, which is already a commodity, would be acceptable – if we ignored what I said in the previous paragraphs, it’s impossible to commoditize your experience with a high end companion, because this experience is totally personal. It’s formed by you and her – two unique individuals who are irreplaceable and impossible to copy. It’s personal to you and since both of you are irreplaceable and impossible to copy, nobody else can create the experience that you two can. This is why your experience with a high end companion will never be a commodity. Nor will it ever be a service. Service is universal, far less (if at all) intimate, and far less personal than your experience with a high class companion.

People often ask me how I spread the word about the value that I add to men in this world if I don’t allow revives. I say that I leave it to their intuition to guide them. I encourage men to do their research, visit my official site, read what I write, how I operate, observe how I present myself, learn who I am from the articles on this blog, and let their intuition guide them whether I’d be right for them. I’m limited in how much I can advertise my role as a companion due to its sensitive nature and the stigma that those who still don’t understand its true nature append to it. So the only way is to leave it to men themselves.  You, dear reader, should do exactly the same with every woman you’re ever to pay again from now on.

And if you need help with fine-tuning your intuition, let's start a conversation.

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