Independent Massage or Massage Clinics / Parlours – Which Is Better?

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Independent Massage or Massage Clinics / Parlours – Which Is Better?

Gentlemen, why is it better to go to an independent masseuse than a massage clinic or parlour if you want a real quality massage? 

Massage clinics and parlours are clinical.
And their clinical conveyor beltish atmosphere doesn’t exactly induce relaxation, which is the whole point of going for a massage! After all, think about it: would you rather have a massage somewhere private, quiet, cozy? Or somewhere where you can hear voices and coughs of people waiting in a waiting room behind the thin walls of a treatment room? An independent masseuse offers an environment in which you can truly relax, because it’s private, quiet, and far homier and cozier than any parlour or clinic will ever be. The clinical element is not there. And that will make a big difference to your relaxation.

Restrictive opening hours – and independent massage
Massage clinics and parlours operate opening hours which you have to suit. An independent masseuse will often operate hours to suit you! That makes a big difference. And yes, weekends, and sometimes even holidays are possible too.

Who makes the journey?
You’ll always have to make the journey to a massage clinic or parlour. And another journey away from it after the massage. Contrastingly, an independent masseuse can come to your home or a location of your choice. This has advantages. One is in saving time, money, and energy on your journeys to and from the massage. Another is that you will be able to stay put and relax after the massage. You can just lie there and enjoy feeling like a newborn. You don’t have to gather your strength to travel anywhere. After all, what’s the point in having a massage that’s supposed to relax you if you have sitting in traffic home at the back of your mind even before the massage begins?

Autopilot – or independent massage?
Massage at a clinic or parlour will be immensely automatic because the masseuse has been massaging bodies daily for months or years. But I very much doubt that an independent masseuse will have the same approach. The independent masseuse competes with the clinics and parlours. Thus she will most likely do her utmost to give you a massage like none other. She’ll want you back, and also probably won’t be motivated entirely by money if she operates independently despite the huge competition from clinics and parlours where there can be several masseuses in one place. If the independent masseuse isn’t as much motivated by money, the advantage to you is that she won’t administer the massage in that terribly automatic and rushed manner. She’ll make it as enjoyable for you as possible.

Essential oils
A masseuse at a clinic or parlour will have one or two essential oil blends at hand. An independent masseuse will have a large kit of oils from which she’ll make a fresh blend according to the condition she is to treat – even if the condition is simply to relax and enjoy yourself.

…and the best for last.
If you like to combine a good therapeutic massage with sextras, a masseuse at a clinic or bona fide massage parlour [not brothel in disguise] will definitely not give them to you. That’s because she’ll be scared that you’ll spread the word and the clinic’s reputation – if not her job – will suffer.

But I’m positive that many an independent masseuse will happily oblige, even if for extra money. After all, if you can’t get sextras for free, better get them for more money than not at all if you want them so much. Since the independent masseuse will want you back, she’ll do a lot more than the clinic masseuse to tailor your experience to your utmost satisfaction. But many charge extra for sextras because they’re solo and don’t get the salaries that masseuses in clinics and parlours get. Thus independent masseuses naturally take every opportunity to get more money out of you. That’s a fact of living in the world of today.

Try independent massage
Why would I be writing about this if I hadn’t been an independent masseuse for two decades? Would you like to put the points I listed here to the test? Would you like to experience how real independent massage should be done? Let’s start a conversation. 

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